You give us a URL and tell us how often to check it. Interval is defined by cron syntax. ServiceCheck sends GET request to the URL. If it gets non-200 response code, you'll get an alert.
It's your way to share updates. Create one when something goes wrong. Then send follow-ups there to keep your users notified.
We use Google Cloud Storage for images and Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL.
That's a public page for your users. Connect checks to this page. Post incidents there. Check out status.servicecheck.io
You give us a safe interval. We give you a unique link for each passive check. Send GET request to this URL to show that your service is up. If we don't hear from you within the safe interval, you'll get an alert.
We support emails and slack webhooks. You can set up notification preferences for each check individually.
All payments are securely handled by Stripe.